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SCMG's Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials
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SCMG’s Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials for 2013

#10  Jeep "Whole Again"

Great spot…..great use of an iconic voice….great for Jeep to tie-in with Armed Forces and “re-branding” Jeep as America’s Car Manufacturer.

#9   Dodge Ram Trucks – God Made a Farmer

Another great use of iconic voice….tugs at heart….puts spotlight on Americana and middle of country….good tie-in.

#8   Volkswagen Game Day 2013 – Get In. Get Happy

Anything with a Jamaican theme and Bob Marley just brings a smile.

#7  Coca-Cola Security Cameras

Liked the use of “reality TV” security camera….love the wholesomeness of Coca-Cola and their message….they really know how to incorporate themselves into pop culture.

#6  M&Ms – I’d do Anything for Love

Very funny….good use of humor and good song choice

#5 Perfect Match

So happy for this kid…really, truly happy

#4  Tide Miracle Stain

Good use of humor….good use of both teams….very funny.

#3  Pizza Hut – HUT HUT HUT

Best incorporation of sponsor into the fabric of the game….we have all played recreation football and used this term….BRILLIANT

#2   Taco Bell, Viva Young

Best use of humor….funniest commercial….and the actors looked like they had fun filming it….

#1   Budweiser -The Clydesdales: Brotherhood

Need I say more?  I cried…..


Small Change Marketing Group and Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship Increases Partnerships Over Three Years 

Philadelphia, PA – At the completion of the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC), Small Change Marketing Group (SCMG) is proud to announce partnerships for the event increased 7% over the last three years.  

CRC Logo.jpg

Since taking over the commercial side of the CRC, SCMG has expanded the partnerships with local and regional companies to take the Championship to its highest level in its' 10 year existence.  Some highlights of the 42 partnerships secured include:


  • Securing a two-year partnership with Dunkin Brands to sponsor the Penn Mutual CRC Rugby Festival. 

  • Securing a two-year partnership with Rugby PA and Dunkin Brands to offer “Munchkin Rugby” including clinics and tournaments taking place in the festival as well as crowning the first Munchkin Rugby Champion on the field at Talen Energy Stadium. 

  • Other partners included:

    • Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey – Tullamore Dew built an actual Irish Pub on the grounds of Talen Energy Stadium where they did Tullamore Dew tastings, specialty drinks and education on Irish Whiskey

    • International food giant Four and Twenty signed on for a 2-year partnership with double digit growth in engagement.  Activation included individual tastings and education for all suite and VIP holders with brand ambassador Jordan Mattila (of the Philadelphia Eagles)

    • Let There Be Rock – festival entertainment included over 20 bands per day 

    • Wild Bills Soda – offering delicious old-fashioned soda pop in exclusivehigh quality, stainless steel mugs emblazed with the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship logo.

    • Hong Kong Economic Authority of NY –partnering with the festival and the VIP Premier Lounge highlighting Hong Kong and tourism


SCMG’s shift in philosophy from a sponsorship to a partnership has resulted in an increase in the  number of partners and the level at which they participated over the last 3 years.  This strategy was instrumental in not only spreading and promoting the CRC in Philadelphia, but also to establish good-fit partners committed to the sport of rugby while delivering a return on investment for the partner.  SCMG measures each partner’s ROI through Change Alytics, a proprietary partnership value tool.  SCMG provided the tool for partners to use to show the value of partnering with the CRC.  


Penn Mutual

Philadelphia, PA – Small Change Marketing Group (SCMG) brings ACME Markets to the Philadelphia Freedoms World Team Tennis as the Official Supermarket of the Philadelphia Freedoms.  As part of the partnership, ACME customers received couponing and promocodes for discounted ticket offers, and a special circular promotion.  ACME also provided the meals to Freedoms’ game day staff, and volunteers.


SCMG was tasked with selling and servicing Philadelphia Freedoms season ticket holders for the 2019 season.  

Phila Freedoms

Small Change Marketing Group Brings ACME to the Philadelphia Freedoms 

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