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Event Production

SCMG offers full-service event production from inception to fruition.   Tasked with producing hundreds of events in the United States and abroad, Small Change excels at creating a concept, formulating a detailed plan, and implementing the vision from start to finish.  Event production under SCMG uses innovation, collaboration and measurable deliverables to produce unforgettable experiences.  Our event production services cover the vast components that yield  a successful event, including:

  • Identifying and securing venues;

  • Negotiating contracts with buildings, stadiums, and media partners;

  • Creating festivals and concerts tied to events;

  • Overseeing all event production, including but not limited to advertising and community outreach, securing media partners, AV needs, licensing and credentials, on-field promotions, half-time production, digital assets, sponsorship fulfillment, parking & security;

  • Creating, organizing, and coordinating game day scripts with personnel responsibilities;

  • Assigning, training, and overseeing game day staff.

Let your vision become reality with SCMG.

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