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Business Development

Small Change Marketing Group has a strong and varied foundation of knowledge in all things sports. We also have a keen understanding of how the worlds of business and sports interact and how to make those interactions more profitable and beneficial for everyone involved – from the owners to the staff, from the talent to the fans, and from the community to the corporate partners.

SCMG Business Development services include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Strategic sales plans with benchmarks and calendars;

  • Reporting systems and procedures to effectively track progress;

  • Marketing and public relations plans tied to event sales and partnership activation;

  • Philanthropic sales program for corporate partnerships;

  • Identifying broadcast and media partners;

  • Writing materials and proposals for investment and partnerships including research, data, and deliverables;

  • Provide training for sales staff in partnerships, event sales, and marketing;


Effective management provides the infrastructure for success across the board.

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