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Partnership Sales

Industry standards dictate that income from the sale of partnerships, targeted event sponsorship, advertising, and vending rights can account for up to 50 percent of an organization’s annual revenue.

SCMG’s partnership division thrives on creating, identifying and selling new and expanded sponsors for our clients.  We thrive on being creative, but we are mindful that our work is meant - first and foremost - to sell a product. This makes us even more proud that our creative approach consistently delivers the results we expect from increased sales to decreased costs – to improved brand awareness.

SCMG designs selling categories, identifies potential inventory, establishes rate cards, and solicits targeted partners for each unique program and event. Shared goals and strategies between both parties ensures that partnerships remain on the same wavelength and are able to adapt to changes in company climates, corporate growth, and varied budgets.


Small Change Marketing Group will:

  • Assess needs and direction of teams, events, programs, and new business initiatives;

  • Identify and establish inventory and rate cards;

  • Build proactive lists of potential “good fit” partners and people for partnership opportunities;

  • Brand the philosophy of a partnership versus a sponsorship to ensure collaborative success;

  • Create partnerships and promotions tied into all aspects of a client’s offering including philanthropic ventures;

  • Secure partners for long-term relationships.

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